If you are looking forward to do some Booth Design in and around Singapore in 2020, here’s a list of designers that are rated as Top/Best Booth Designers for Exhibition in Singapore, by n stands.


Best Booth Designers For Exhibitions In Singapore


1. oBooths

oBooths designs and build your exhibition stand wherever you are going to exhibit. They are an international stand constructor with workshops in some of the main cities, from Asia to USA, Europe or South Africa, as per n stands.

  • They design stands: you will fall in love with their designs, and if you already have the design, they will build it too!
  • They build stands: They have more than 10 years of experience working with specialized teams!
  • They do it worldwide: with workshops in 22 cities, across 5 continents, they are able to arrive to any corner in the world!

2. AGOG Expo Pte Ltd

AGOG Expo’s team of professionals provides industry expertise for our clients in the exhibition and event areas that include idea and theme conceptualization and in-depth planning, programme-management, end-to-end project management (including design-and-build and exhibition equipment rental services), media and publicity relations management, and post-event services. Their motto is that in whatever we take on, we must add value to our clients’ businesses. AGOG Expo believes passionately in building long-term relationships and has some of the world’s leading corporations and agencies among our portfolio.

3. Synergy Expo Pte Ltd

Synergy Exhibits is a one-stop project management firm that offers expertise and experience in managing trade shows, exhibition, conferences, annual meetings, seminars and various other events. Their service allows their team to handle your time-consuming planning and liaising with the venue owners, event organizers and contractors. Relieving you with more time to focus on your other more important responsibilities. Their strength comes from pooling together vastly experienced personnel who look for the satisfaction of delivering the wonderful experience and quality end-product to the customers. With their strategic offices and partners around the globe, they are more than capable to undertake any opportunities or challenges anywhere in the world. Their mission is to provide Consistent, Efficient and Quality Service to each and every client. They believe in the importance of understanding the client's diverse and varying needs and propose creative solutions to not only meet but exceed their expectations.


For majority of businesses in Singapore, the above list of best booth designers in Singapore may not be pocket friendly.


In this case, you could consider the following:

4. Enthof Brand Communications

Enthof is a branding + advertising agency in Singapore. Enthof also has an office in Mumbai (India) which was founded in 2005. The Indian office gives Enthof a price advantage due to which they are able to manage various projects ranging from: pharma advertising, social media marketing, website designing, logo design, booth designing, branding etc at flexible and reasonable cost to the clients without compromising on the quality of output and client timelines.

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