If you have started your own business, surely you must be wanting to know, how to design logo for your business? A logo design shifts your business towards becoming a brand and gives it a visible form. Creating a logo design can be done in two ways

  1. You can design the logo yourself or
  2. You hire a professional designer to create the logo for you


So here is how to design a logo for your business


1. Designing The Logo Yourself:


  • Recognise why you want to design the logo and understand why it needs to be great and different

Remember why you started your business in the first place. And if you want to win over your customers, you have to start out as different for your business competitors. You might not realise now but your logo design makes a huge impact on the first impression your business is going to make.


  • Define your brand’s identity:

To give your business’ brand an identity, start with asking yourself some questions.

    1. Why did you start this business?
    2. What are the values that you follow, that you feel are important to you and your company?
    3. What do you better than the others?
    4. What makes your business special?
    5. What three words could easily describe your ‘brand’?
    6. What are the three words that you want your customers to describe you?

Answering these questions is not easy. The more you think about it the more clarity you will find. But it is certain that you shouldn’t proceed without answering all these questions. If you feel you have hit a wall, you should talk to a professional logo designer.


  • Find inspiration for your logo design

Think on the lines of the customer and try not to think what you would like. You can check the internet to browse through different designs of logos of businesses similar to yours.


  • Check out the competition’s logo designs

Study your market to check who your competitors are and how their logo designs are. That will give you an idea on what looks good and how you can be different from them.


  • Choose the design style for your logo

Choose a logo design style, that best suits your business, whether Classic, Retro, Minimalist, , Handcrafted, etc.


  • Choose the right colours for your logo

Colours can reflect a lot to the customers. The psychology behind the colour isn’t simple. In brief, colours have certain emotions and values associated to them.


  • Sketch it out

Draw your logo on a piece of paper. If you aren’t a good drawer yourself, it doesn’t matter. It is important to bring your ideas on the paper so that it gets a physical form which can help you to make further changes to it.


  • Communicate with a friend who knows how to use design software

Show your logo design sketches to a friend who can use software like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw. He/she can the attempt to create it on a computer and hand over the artwork in an appropriate file format.


Designing a logo by yourself has its own advantages and disadvantages, as follows -


Advantages of designing the logo by yourself:

  • You save money that you would have paid to a professional logo designer.


Disadvantages of designing the logo by yourself:

  • The end result logo the design could be raw and unrefined
  • It can take a long and time consuming process
  • You might never be satisfied with the result and might keep redoing the designs, which ultimate will be bad for your business’ brand identity
  • At times you may be biased regarding your design, even if it might not be well accepted by your customers


2. Hire a professional designer to create the logo for you

If you decide to hire a professional logo designer, make sure you follow a few things

  • Shortlist a few logo designers around your local area. If you don’t know any one, just search for some on the internet.
  • Check their past work on their website.
  • Check for their customers reviews on Google or Facebook.
  • Talk to them on how best they can help you with your logo design.
  • Make them understand that you need original logo designs because you intend to copyright it.
  • Follow your gut and make a deal with the best among them.


Advantages of hiring a professional logo design:           

  • A professional logo designer will be able to create logo designs based on the perspective of your customers
  • You will save time and also receive better logo concepts than what you would have thought of
  • The design of your logo will be polished and refined
  • You will get the correct formats and variations for all media


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