If you are looking to do some social media marketing in and around Singapore in 2020, here's a list of agencies that are current rated as top / best social media marketing companies in Singapore by Clutch.


Best Social Media Marketing Companies in Singapore


1. Metia, Inc.

Metia is a global marketing agency, founded in 1989. In Singapore Metia has more than 50 employees and charge between $100 to $149 per hour, according to Clutch. Metia says that offer an unique mix of marketing consulting, design, and development expertise. Their services include strategy and data-driven insights, content marketing, CRM, marketing automation, email, social, design. They claim that their team has a singular focus: to design and deliver the best marketing solutions in the world.


2. The Brown Cows

According to Clutch, The Brown Cows was founded in 2017, has less than 10 employees and charge between $25 to $49 per hour. The Brown Cows say they are a lean agency and provided the following services

  • Digital & Social
  • Branding & Marketing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Media Relations

They currently have offices in Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City and Sydney.


3. MicroLogicMedia

According to Clutch, although Micro Logic Media has less that 10 employees, it charges a whopping fees between $150 to $199 per hour. The agency was founded in 2010. Their clients include famous local and international brands like Ocean Park Hong Kong, Macau Studio City, Lexus, Philips, Franck Muller, Nike, OSIM, Jumbo Seafood and more.


For majority of businesses in Singapore, the above list of best social media companies in Singapore may be beyond their marketing spend budget.


In this case, you can consider the following:


4. Enthof Brand Communications

Enthof is a branding + advertising agency in Singapore. Enthof also has an office in Mumbai (India) which was founded in 2005. The Indian office gives Enthof a price advantage due to which that are able to manage projects ranging from social media marketing, website designs and branding at a flexible and reasonable cost to their clients without compromising on the quality of output.


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