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The logo designing and branding solutions that we deliver are always at the intersection of culture, design, and technology, which means our creatives always stays true to the brands as well as the audience of the brands. As a team, we deeply value our craft and we believe we exist to solve the business challenges of our clients through branding. Since the beginning, our mission has always been to do great work and we believe our mission has guided us well.

Not only do we support our clients in creating and launching new brands, but we also work on rebranding as well.

So far, we have worked with organizational sectors (including private businesses), non-profit organizations as well as government agencies in Singapore and various other countries.

One Stop Shop for Logo Design and Branding Solution in Singapore

We like to think of ourselves as a one-stop-shop for all the creative branding needs. Working in all kinds of industries has always given us an added advantage in understanding the market requirements of our clients. This way we have been successful in creating truly innovative branding that is not just unique in its market but also fulfils our clients’ objectives

Our branding solutions include the following:


Brand Identity

With brand identity, we weave a story with different brand elements that in union define your brand personality. A brand that has consistency in its identity has control over the perceptions people have about their products or services. This perception is communicated by the visual language of the brand identity.

At Enthof, our creative team of designers sets a plan to roll out your distinctive brand identity through every possible segment of your brand collaterals. Our designs maintain consistency in its communication and visual elements and that converts into a better brand recall value. It is equally important that as a corporate identity design company, we highlight the singularity of your brand from the rivals.

To deliver the brand values that resonate with its audience, the strategy and the design work hand-in-hand. We are one of those branding agencies in Singapore who live up to the expectations of thoughtful strategizing and drafting an organized plan that ensures the success of your brand.

Brand identity design is one of the key components of your marketing strategy, both internal and external. From your office stationery, keynote / Powerpoint presentation templates, signage, hoarding, business cards … to the poster in your pantry - everything calls for consistency. And that is what we promise at Enthof.


Brand Strategy

In today's well networked digital era, the audience having shrinking attention spans. Yet they demand brands with values. This is where branding agencies, like Enthof, come into the picture. We are a research-driven and thoughtfully evolved branding agency that believes in digging out the brands’ true potential by differentiating between positioning and proposition.

Enthof, one of the trusted branding agencies in Singapore, will dissect the market, study your competitors, conduct an exhaustive SWOT analysis, and discover the whole picture of the product/service that the brand offers. Being conscious of every possible segment related to the brand, helps us give life to the brand. Through brand strategy, we instil a soul into the brand so that it becomes capable to build meaningful relationships with people.

At Enthof, we create brand strategies that improve brand recall value among the targeted audience. The fundamental elements like vision and mission become the personality, visual expression and voice of the brand. Later the decisions about the logo, tagline, and name will emerge from these fundamental elements. Being a proficient branding agency, we help communicate with consumers consistently with the right messaging.

Enthof is one of those branding agencies in Singapore that research and evaluates every possible piece of information, weigh the options, and then decide on the best course of action for brands.


Brand Mark / Logo Design

Branding agencies like Enthof narrate a story of the brand through simple strokes come into the picture. With the logo design, it gives a face to the brand.

Simple logos with a brilliant and clever concept unfailingly stick to consumers. And such seemingly 'simple' things often require much more brainpower. One idea that the client sees is often just one fragment of the process of logo design. Enthof has a highly flexible process for brands — because every brand is different. From strategizing, to finding meanings, creating blueprints, understanding consumer dynamics, to choosing the right format— Enthof is your answer to getting great logo design delivered for your brand.


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